Love Mala (8mm)

Love Mala (8mm)


Love mala represents the grace of our core. In this place of love we are free from anxiety, depression, worry, trauma, fear, feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. In this place we are connected, safe, secure, confident and being.

Stones & Meaning:

Rose Quartz resonates pure love.

Cherry Quartz is a stone of transformation and hope.

Carnelian (orange-red) is a stone of action and provides the energy of courage and confidence.

Smokey Quartz (dark purple-brown) is a powerful grounding stone, efficient at transmuting undesired energy.

Botswana Agate (multi-colored) provides comfort and strength and assists in releasing fears.

Suggested mantra: I am love.

Approx. length of 8mm mala is 38 inches.

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