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When your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world.- Donna Eden  


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The energy medicine practice of Allison Case, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner.

Some of the energy medicine benefits Allison's clients have experienced include:    

Physical Health

Physical relaxation, lower blood pressure and lower heart rate

Reduced pain 

Decreased nausea 

Decreased congestion 

Relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Strengthened immune system 

Improved sleep 

Increased sense of vitality  

Emotional Health

Reduced feelings of anxiety and stress 

Release of fear

Relief during a grieving process 

Increasing sense of self love and self worth

Mental Health

Mental relaxation

Improved focus  

Ability to cope better with illness

Release of limiting beliefs

Spiritual Health

An understanding of the spiritual cause of a physical pain or ailment  

Deeper self-exploration 

Manifestation of goals 

Deeper connection with life’s purpose

Lots of great info about how Gemstones, Malas + Meditation can benefit you in  YOGA Magazine !

Lots of great info about how Gemstones, Malas + Meditation can benefit you in YOGA Magazine!

For additional examples of session work see  Energy  and  Distance energy  pages

For additional examples of session work see Energy and Distance energy pages

Click  here to listen a 10 min FM radio talk show about Flourish Integral Health.

Click here to listen a 10 min FM radio talk show about Flourish Integral Health.

Click here  to read my article Gemstones, Malas, Mantras + Japa Meditation in the May/June 2019 issue of Energy Magazine.

Click here to read my article Gemstones, Malas, Mantras + Japa Meditation in the May/June 2019 issue of Energy Magazine.


Allison radiates a calmness and holism that just spreads to everyone around her. Allison is highly skilled and very intuitive. About 7 months ago I sustained an injury to my ankle and it just wasn’t healing as well as it should have been. Allison performed distance Healing Touch and the results were remarkable! After one distance healing session the swelling had reduced and after the second session all that remained was an light ache. Allison is truly a gifted healer with incredible healing abilities!
— B, NJ
I was gifted with a distance healing session with Allison, which concluded with her sending me a beautiful & individually customized mala, designed with our session in mind. I immediately felt the effects and positive impact from our session, which was a truly powerful spiritual experience. During the meditation I experienced my first vision, in which I saw a place I would travel to along with a Buffalo, which so happened to be the medicine card Allison pulled at the end of her distance healing. I was blown away by this experience and was so eager to learn what it all meant for me. I feel like the mala has supported me with a much needed confidence to move forward in my own path towards healing myself and others. I would highly recommend working with Allison, she is a true healer!
— A. IL
I had such a positive experience with Allison! I was able to express my concerns regarding my health issues and then we had a session where she worked remotely and I just let my body and mind accept the energy flow. Not only did I experience this flow of energy and a sensation of a spectrum of lights, but I gained insights into the integration of my physical issues and ended the session feeling relaxed and balanced.
— A. CA
Allison performed distance healing on my knee last year. My knee is categorized as stage 4 condramalcia, which essentially means bone on bone. I have been to 8 orthopods and 2 physical therapists and I have come to the conclusion that I will either need surgery or will need to accept my athletic limitations. I went to Allison to work on any emotional/mental aspects of this ailment that she might be able to identify and assist with pain suppression in the meantime. At that time I could felt pain even when I was not moving. After discussing my ailment and pain, Allison took some time to identify some potential areas around my heart and mind that could be contributing to the pain. She provided me with some guidance while she worked to heal from a distance. After 30 minutes she asked how my knee was feeling. I didn’t realize it until she had asked but I could no longer feel the pain where I knew it to be. It has been 2 months and although I have pain when doing exercise or movement that creates bone on bone sensation, I can am not able to recreate the pain when I am sitting. I continue to work on and sit with the ideas that she presented in our session and know they help my happiness and health. I would recommend her to anyone with any ailment.
— M, NV
I had been on a healing journey for quite some time when I was fortunate enough to benefit from Allison’s compassionate care. I believed in the power of the Healing Touch energy work, but will admit I was a little skeptical about how it would work on a long distance call. Allison and I discussed my intention for the session and I was so appreciative of how carefully and intuitively she listened to my concerns and my hopes. The session was very powerful, enlightening, and helpful.
— S, TX
Allison takes time to listen and understand a client’s intention for each session. Her compassion along with her knowledge and skills assist the client in reaching their intended goal. I would highly recommend Allison for anyone looking to improve physically and/or emotionally.
— N, IL
Allison’s distance healing sessions helped me to release tension and anxiety in my body and left me feeling calm and relaxed, with a sense of peace. She was able to identify some things that were blocking me from my family, and afterwards I felt free from this old burden I had been carrying.
— J, IL
I sought treatment from Allison for stress/anxiety and chronic upper back tension. I was unsure what to expect from a Healing Touch treatment but was thrilled with the result! I found the experience so relaxing that I actually fell asleep on the table! It was exactly what I needed.
— J. IL
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About Me

I most enjoy helping people bring their heart’s desires into form. I am an energy medicine practitioner, advocate for conscious living, and intentional mala artist.  My energy medicine work is focused on supporting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy systems to enable the whole person to flourish.  

My personal journey has included stage four endometriosis, infertility, Epstein Barr virus, mono, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, a mystery auto-immune disease, a breast cancer scare, divorce, and a few other big things.  I share my struggles to show my vulnerability and empathy for what life presents on all four levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My path to becoming an energy medicine practitioner and living consciously is a direct result of spending time healing myself.  Ever since I can remember, my intuition has lead me to follow the path of natural healing in the forms of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, yoga, meditation, homeopathy, medical intuitive work, psychiatry, and more. I believe deeply that energy medicine is powerful and plays an important role in healing. 

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  The credential of HTCP carries the highest level of quality of any energy medicine modality.  I have additional training in energy modalities including Energetic Transformations.   

In a heart centered and intentional way my energy medicine work supports a client’s healing process. I draw on my training in energy medicine, my intuition, and more than two decades of corporate experience successfully leading diverse teams and developing solutions for Fortune 500 clients.